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The famous
Lake Minnetonka got its name from the Dakota Indian name
MNI TANKA, meaning

MN Boardwalks is proud to announce the introduction of our new dock collection...
"Great Water" Docks.

After receiving requests for a residential dock system that will hold up to the MN elements, such as our boardwalks do, we decided to manufacture a residential dock collection.

Whether you choose the Traditional Series or the Platinum Series, you won't be disappointed with the quality or affordability. We put the same attention to detail in your dock just like you would put in all your outdoor living areas. Look for some of our features that you won't find on any other dock.

Our standard width is 4' wide, but we also build 5', 6' and 8' wide docks.

The Traditional Series utilizes the traditional barrel or float installation for easy seasonal installation and removal.

The Platinum Series is built tough with all
1 1/2" aluminum square tubing. It is light weight and very durable. It comes equipped with floats attached, which combines a floating system with a stationary system. This dock is very easy to install and remove for the season and is very easily adjusted.
Simply loosen the set bolts, let the dock adjust itself to the water level and tighten the bolts. Or, you can leave the set bolts loose and let the dock adjust automatically with the water level. This dock still allows you to tie up water crafts as we still utilize the post and beam portion. Even though this dock can be considered as a partial floating dock, it is very stable in the water.

As I said, we build boardwalks and fishing pier docks through wetlands, swamps and lakes with tough conditions. Those boardwalks have a lot of foot traffic as well as machine traffic so they need to be built tough. We put that same tough engineering into our residential dock collection but still maintain affordability.



Above: Check out our diagonal cedar decking option.

Below: We use thick walled, square tubing which allows us 100% surface to surface contact which is continuously welded for a very strong joint.


Above: Our heavy duty framework is manufactured with the toughest conditions in mind. The 100% surface to surface contact and continuous weld makes for the strongest structure you'll find when you compare. After everything is cut and welded, it is inspected before it is sent out to get hot dipped galvanized to be corrosive free for many years.

Below: We use a 5/8", six sided, industrial, set bolt nut that is continuously welded all six sides and a grade 5 set bolt that uses an actual 15/16" wrench (NOT a 1/2" square head set bolt that rounds off easily).




Above: Lumberock premium recycled plastic lumber decking. This decking is a smart investment and requires very minimal maintenance. It will not crack, rot, splinter or peel and is engineered for the marine environment. Also, shown, is an optional post cover for added appeal.

Below: Heavy duty, all aluminum frame. Also, shown using Lumberock premium recycled plastic lumber decking option. Use multiple colors to accent the beauty of your new dock.



Above: Any of these 3 decking options available. All can be ordered with our diagonal decking option.

  • Lumberock premium recycled plastic lumber ~ 12 color choices
  • Western red cedar
  • Cedar tone treated

Below: Continuous welded square nut and heavy duty framework makes the Platinum Series a superior choice.


The “Great Water” Dock System (Platinum Series) is designed with the ever changing lake conditions of Lake Minnetonka and other lakes in mind. It is installed as a post and beam dock with stationary floats for easy installation and self-adjusting features.

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